Change Flight
If your booking is eligible for free rebooking, please fill out the three departure dates you wish in the form below and we will try to arrange it for you.
The latest flight details will be sent to the email address you registered with when booking after completed.



1. This form is only available for unused booking.

2. Flights can only be changed once and apply to all passengers in the selected segment(s) within the same booking.

3. The change is subject to seats availability. Should your first choice of date be unavailable, alternative dates will be offered.

4. If seats are unavailable on all of your selected dates, you will be notified by email.

5. If you are unable to select your preferrable departure date(s) above, please contact our Customer Connect Team ( for immediate assistance.

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Thank you for your application.
Information will be sent to your email address within 24 Hours.

If you have not received the email, please check if the email has been assigned to the junk mailbox.